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hello i'm irina and i love robert downey jr more than he loves pasta

"I’m not saying I’m responsible for this country’s longest run of uninterrupted peace in 35 years…” 

No, it’s bullshit. x


13-16/100 ——>  RDJ

She really drives him crazy and she knows what she’s doing. Heartache, he can’t fight this feeling.

Do I want to be a hero for my son? No. I would like to be a very real human being. That’s hard enough.




ϟ 95) When Teddy was an infant, his hair turned color to match that of the person he wanted to hold him. This worked well when he wanted his godfather, which was often, but it became incredibly confusing when he sought a Weasley. There were many hasty rounds of pass-the-baby-because-dear-god-stop-the-crying.

What about when his hair turned pink and they could do nothing about it :’(

what have you done


"There’s a value to everything, and the more you resist something, the more you make out of it. Everybody has things that they’re quietly resisting doing, and a good day for them is when one of those resistances come and directly confronts them. And I realized that, in [the studio’s] defense, I hadn’t exactly played Mister Johnny Handgun or some guy who was a semi-sexy, charming, billionaire type guy who then you’re going to put in this big machine and believe that he’s going to kick ass and save the world. But I like proving grounds. I like those crucibles that people have to go through. I wouldn’t wish the anxiety of them on an enemy, but I also know that if I’d been spared a single one of them, I wouldn’t be where I am.

Robert Downey Jr on the value of an audition

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